School Programs

Ladybug Events custom weekly programming at local schools.

we currently work with five schools each week.

We also provide seasonal programs to help install gardens and support curriculum.

Contact us about programming at your school site for offerings like Yoga, Wellness, Farm to School, Gardening, Theatre and Music! 

check out a sneak peak of Ms. Ladybug's garden program

Ladybug Events Presents
The Traveling Garden Variety Shoe Show!

The Garden Variety Shoe presents a setting for numerous comedic and educational shows highlighting environmental lessons appropriate to each season. Through music, storytelling and interactive elements, each show aims to instill a sense of wonder and stewardship in our natural world. 

  • Approx. 30min. 2 skits 2+ songs 

  • Approx. 45min  3 skits 3+ songs  

*Traveling expenses may apply  

Our is popular with the City of Decatur, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Local Schools, Community Centers and more!


(678) 723-9951

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