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Check out our classes at community centers, schools, and Callanwolde Fine Arts Center! 

All Events are currently on hold during the Covid Pandemic. 

Plans for later next year are twinkling 

Classes and Programs

Acting Out At Mary Lin.
Grades K-3 Wed. 2:30-4pm

Grades  3-5 Fridays 2:30-4pm

Summer Camps with Miss Ladybug!

Our team is happy to work with schools around Metro Atlanta.  We are already booked for some weeks in 2020 so contact us today.


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Classes with the Ladybug Events Team!
Schedule family fun activities on your schedule.  Classes are suited for ages 4-11. 
We need a minimum of 5 and have a max of 12.  Classes are held at the Lake Claire Community Landtrust or your favorite location.

to schedule some fun learning opportunities for your fav group of kids.

More TBA

Food and Nutrition Lab with Chef Germaine

 Pizza Amoure’!  

 A hands-on class where children learn to make pizza dough from scratch and build their own pizzas.  Chef Germaine will bring her years of expertise as a school chef and her passion for Neopolitan-style pizza and prepare a classic Pomodoro sauce and children will choose from an assortment of fresh toppings to build their pizzas.  This class will touch upon the importance of gluten development in dough-making and also how basic dough isn’t just for pizza –Caio!(this might be too time intensive with the dough from scratch -can also be done with pita or bagel)
more TBD - Email us to schedule


 Song Writing Workshop 

Mister Greenthumbs is a well-established Atlanta musician, performer, and songwriter in Atlanta, Georgia. Recording music for over 20 years, he shares his knowledge and song writing process with young audiences in our Ladybug Events song writing class.  Engaging the logical and abstract functions of cognition, participants are taken through the process and taught basic formulas of song composition, lyrical meter and melodic forms. The class collectively constructs and builds unique compositions, which are performed, recorded, and shared for parents and students to visit, enjoy, and share with friends and family!  

 TBD - Email us to schedule


Garden Fun with Miss Ladybug! -$10

From soil to sky we explore the joys of the garden. Together we find our favorite bugs and learn about their roles in nature. Through garden adventures we meet wiggly worms and help them create nutritious soil for our fun planting projects. From growing and creating homes for our tiny garden friends to harvesting and making yummy snacks, we share songs, stories, movement and hands on projects that encourage stewardship and wonder in our natural world.

TBD - Email us to schedule


Stone Soup with Miss Ladybug

Join Miss Ladybug, local entertainer and teacher, as we make magical yummy stone soup and read the delightful story. Bring containers to take home soup and be prepared to chop, make and play! 

TBD - Email us to schedule

The little Beekeepers Workshop 

Join Miss Ladybug, local entertainer, beekeeper and teacher, for a super sweet and fun beekeeping adventure! We will learn about our friends the Honey Bees, taste honey from Miss Ladybug's own hives, and get to try on all the equipment and become little beekeepers! BONUS- Make your own scented beeswax art! No contact with live bees.  

TBD - Email us to schedule


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